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The Metamorphic Technique

The Metamorphic Technique is a simple tool that helps us to help ourselves, it enables us to move from feelings of limitation towards accessing more of our potential. It offers a unique approach to handling personal issues, whether they are physical, mental or emotional. It is very much a stand alone technique, for it is not a therapy, a treatment, a massage or a healing. There are no diagnosis or deep physical manipulation. People are often drawn to Metamorphic Technique during times of difficulty, divorce, bereavement, illness, or changes within their life.

Many people find that in times of stress they are able to deal with situations more effectively; and some people just wish to make deep inner changes without having to look at the past and analyse it. It has been found that people become more creative within their life. The Metamorphic Technique is self-empowering and enables you to steer your own path, it is safe for everyone, including people with mental illness, ill, or dying. Healing Energies, is a safe and relaxing space that I provide, where you can relax and 'just be'. During a session, I would be using a light touch on your feet, hands and head. There is no need to take a case history. Some people may wish to talk, while others enjoy taking time out. A session usually lasts from 30 to 45minutes.


The amount of Session you will is totally up to your own personal preferences and needs. You may like to have sessions on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Or you may prefer to come when you are feeling tired or uninspired. The contact provided is gentle and undemanding, offering a pleasant and relaxing experience. You may receive a session in complete silence, or you may wish to talk. The practitioner will receive the information and let it be, without comments or advice, acting simply as a catalyst.

What happens after a session?

The practitioner cannot predict or guarantee what will happen after the session, as this depends on the persons own life force, which is unique to that person. People often feel very relaxed or energies or even both. Some people may experience past symptoms or emotions of upset, but this will pass within a couple of days. This is part of bring up old patterns to be released. While the life force can bring about great shifts, they always seem to be at a level that people can cope with.

In some cases it can be very subtle and in other cases it can be immediate and noticeable. They can range from significant improvements in physical, mental or emotional health to general feelings of having more energy and confidence, releasing of old habits or gradually letting go of past hurts. People often report significant changes in the way they see life and how they feel about themselves; in many cases they experience a growing sense of purpose and inner strength and may find themselves changing their job, moving house, leaving a relationship or finding a new one as their life 'gets on track'. Some people have described it like 'coming hometo themselves'.

A Unique Tool For PersonalTransformation

  • It is not a therapy or a treatment, but a technique that helps trigger your own inner life force, enabling you to better realise your potential.
  • Based on a new way of looking at energy patterns. While other approaches often focus on removing energy blockages, the Metamorphic Technique looks at transforming energy patterns. It does not consider people to be 'blocked' or 'broken' and in need of being'fixed'. Instead, it simply notices that you may have patterns that no longer serve you and that you wish to transform. The energy that was involved increating the old patterns is released and can be used to create new patterns.
  • Empowering. Any changes that occur originate entirely from within the recipient. That person's own life force hasan innate intelligence of its own. The practitioner simply acts as a catalystin the process.
  • Non-invasive. There is no physical manipulation, nor diagnosis, nor any need to discuss personal problems ormedical history.
  • Gentle and completely safe.
  • Accessible to everyone.