My Wonderful Clients

Dear Ann

I am writing to say thank you for the healing you have been giving during my illness, I would like to let you know that the benefit from this has been wonderful.


Dear Ann

I would just like to thank you for your help with my arthritis.  Before you treated me I had periods when I could not walk through the pain in my feet.  Since the series of treatments I have had none of these, in fact I have just returned from a holiday where I did a considerable amount of walking with no after effects or subsequent pain.

The treatment itself was pleasurable and very relaxing, I hope you will go on to help many more people with your healing skills.


Dear Ann

I am writing to let you know the benefit from the healing you have given over several months for my osteoporosis in my spine has been such that I am not in so much pain as I have been for many years.

I really enjoy my healing sessions with you and look forward to my next session so much because I know I will be free of pain for a while afterwards.


Dear Ann 

On two separate occasions I have had to come to you for help with minor physical pain suffered in my knee and shoulder.

On both occasions the pain was alleviated, and I consider the treatment to have been very therapeutic and entirely beneficial.  Thank you so much.



Dearest Ann

I cannot thank you enough for the healing and time you have spent with me during my illness.  I just wanted you to know how much I have appreciated all that you have done for me and the encouragement that you gave, it has made me appreciate my life and the time I share with my family.

Once again thank you.


Bev xx


Teaching Days

It was a brilliant day!! healing energies is reccommended by me as a great place to learn. you are well supported by Ann.

Love Vicky


What a wonderful experience learning Reiki with you Ann, may thanks I cannot wait to travel along my pathway with your help.




Jackie on 10/05/2015

"Ann was amazing, I've been to healing engines for Reiki and spiritual development classes.
Healing engines is the most relaxing place I've been to for treatments and classes, Ann is very welcoming and understanding.
I never want to leave when iam there lol"



Marie Ball on 11/05/2015

"Healing Energies is run by Ann Walker - a gifted medium, healer and Reiki Master who offers a huge range of holistic therapies which include Reiki, Angelic Reiki, crystal therapy, stress management, tarot and angel workshops, readings and spiritual healing to name a few. It is also a centre for teaching and personal spiritual growth and development.

The therapy room is peaceful, warm and adorned with many beautiful things to promote calm and positive energy. Its whole ambience makes you feel very safe and loved.

I have experienced Angelic Reiki healing given by Ann and as it was my first experience of healing I was bit nervous as to what to expect. Ann has a very warm and positive aura and talked me through the process. The healing experience was amazing, calming and I left feeling on top of the world and in a much more positive frame of mind.

Following this experience I asked Ann to be my Reiki Master as I wished to further develop my spiritual path and I have now gained my Reiki Level 1. Once again the whole experience was beautiful and memorable.

As you can guess from my feedback I thoroughly recommend Ann and Healing Energies. Ann is "very down to earth", but her gifts of mediumship, healing and teaching are far beyond this earthly plane."



Vicki Andrews

"Ann is a caring loving person and I have found her to be an amazing intuitive teacher . I have had reiki healing with Ann and I was blown away by how I felt afterwards. I always feel like I have come home when I go into Ann's therapy rooms, healing energies ! The energy in the room is vibrant and enfolds you , just like Ann . Always a pleasure to go there . I'm looking forward to doing my angelic reiki healing there with Ann.

I recommend Ann Walker and Healing Energies wholeheartedly ."


Mandy Robertson on 10/05/2015

"I take part in Anne's Angel Healing group and I feel that people should be told about what it is like. She is very welcoming and supports you at all levels. I am new to meditation and she have supported me and developed my techniques. I absolutely love her meditations! It has been a great journey so far and I'm looking forward to continuing and developing my skills with her."


Debbie Liddle on 11/05/2015

"I have had lots of reiki from Ann,,I was suffering with a bad back and had trouble walking I had been to the doctors but nothing worked,I came and saw Ann and her treatment was the only thing that helped me.It was so relaxing healing and helped me get better.I would recommend Ann to anybody for treatment,she is a very friendly caring and spiritual lady."